The step by step path to your new and distinctive piece of furniture:

First, try to articulate what it is that you want your furniture to do. The final functionality of the piece should be tailored to your specific needs. Think about where in your house it will go, and consider your personal tastes for enduring visual and tactile pleasure. Feel free to consider existing furniture styles and even keep a record of other pieces or just details, that caught your eye. Don't forget the importance of dimensions relating to your environment and personal size.

in shop with clientThe next step is to begin a comfortable relationship with me, as the designer and maker of your piece. Through initial phone conversations or e-mails, we can create a collaborative effort, where your needs and tastes come together with my ability to understand them and my knowledge of design, materials and techniques. This will allow me to come up with a basic, creative solution. Simple sketches and verbal descriptions can already give you a general sense of my approach. Price quotes at this point remain somewhat vague, for so many details need to be decided, such as choice of materials, execution of joinery, level of detailed ornamentation and finishes.

Next, upon your continued interest and approval, the refined design proposal will include exact scale drawings of an original design with final measurements, a more precise cost estimate and possibly wood and finish samples.

Finally, it is time to dicuss the construction and payment schedule. Usually a 35 - 50% deposit is required at the beginning. The remaining balance is due upon delivery, with a previous mid-payment in the case of larger projects. All packing and shipping costs are the responsibilty of the client. Delivery within 60 miles is free of charge.

It's time to go to work! I hand select the wood for each project, carefully arranged to balance and match its grain and color. My construction is uncompromised in attention to detail and execution, incorporating appropriate joinery techniques and mostly non-toxic, hand rubbed oil finishes. Each piece is signed and the work is guaranteed for life.

The whole process culminates on delivery day, having received and created a beautiful object, in which both you and I can take a measure of satisfaction.

Please walk through my showroom at my portfolio page and I look forward to hearing from you.